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Thread: Anyone have experience with OlympiaMotosports Textile Jackets?

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    I've worn Olympia Airglide jacket and pants for thousands of miles. I use the quilted waterproof liners to keep warm and carry Frogg Toggs to protect from rain. I find them comfortable from the low 40's to 90's. If cold and wet, I wear both the liners and the FT...I like redundancy.

    The jacket and pants have been washed many times and clean up well.

    They have convenient pockets.

    The only thing I don't care for is the bulkiness of the pants...I feel like I am wearing a snow suit in the heat. They do the job and are comfortable, but it is an appearance thing I find true of nearly all mesh riding pants.

    The liners also make great pajamas if it turns cold when camping.
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    I have the Airglide jacket and pants and love them. The liner is ok down to about 45 degrees then it's time for the heated vest. My only complaint is with the pants. The leg zippers are not two way so if you need to get in your pants underneath you have to unzip the whole leg. When it rains I just put on the rain gear. Jerry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuulfie View Post
    I decided on the Olympia Commando Utility Jacket and it should be delivered next week according to my new best friend Kevin Rhea (the owner). I liked the fact that it's got a removable liner and pockets, lots of pockets! I may go ahead and get the pants too... we'll see.

    Thanks to all in the forum for your helpful information.

    Besides I'll hunt each and every one of you down that recommended Olympia if I don't like it...
    I've used the OLYMPIA X-Moto jacket and pants for several years now - excellent garments! By changing out the insulated or waterproof liners, it's a very versatile system.

    The jacket vents really well for warm/hot weather riding, yet when I was cruising the Rockies last week with my son, which found us above the timberline on Pike's Peak, the snow drifts above our head at 12,000+ were just pretty to look at - no shivering or discomfort.

    Solid products and I've met Kevin Rhea - great guy and passionate about his wares.

    And you can hunt me down if you need to - never make it past my perimeter defenses though!!
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    Liner Out

    I've found I can wear the water/wing proof liner over the jacket and pants. Easier on/off and don't go to the one-piece rain suit anywhere near home.

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    I wear the Olympia AST jacket and Ranger pants. These aren't mesh, which seems to be what you are looking for, but I can attest to the excellent quality and design of the Oly gear. It's not up to Aerostich standards and mine had several loose thread ends and one damaged snap, found loose in a pocket - all the required snaps were in place. But they make pretty good stuff and a reasonable price, so I'd recommend them. Their website has sizing information if you want to order their gear.


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    Another +1 for Olympia!
    I got a Nomad jacket and X-moto pants this year and love them. Even wrote up a quick review on my site:
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    Olympia textil jackets

    For good prices and service go to Telico Motorcycle Outfitters, Mike , the owner is very helpful in the info you are concerned with... The store is located in Telico Plains, Tn. a small town at the edge of the Smokie Mountains... Mike is a long time rider...full of information selling good products and providing excellent service at good prices...tell him tinkertoy sent you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuulfie View Post
    I'm considering buying one of their jackets that was rated in Motorcycle Rider Magazine. They are on the East coast and I live in California. There are no dealers out here that carry Olympia Motosports stuff. They were willing to ship directly but I'm still a bit skepical about the company and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this company.

    Recommendations for other vented textile jackets would be good too
    I no longer remember the jacket model but I have owned this Olympia for almost 4 1/2 years. I commute on the bike and pretty much ride daily so it is fair to say this jacket has been worn thousands of miles and hundreds of times. Ditto on the liner. If it gets really hot and rainy I will sometimes wear just the liner. The liner rocks as you are kept 100% dry in jacket or out of jacket. I think the jacket is great and would not hesitate buying another Olympia. My Gerbing fits under the rain liner and a plain liner which come with the jacket. I have commuted I don't know how many times in temp's as low as 16 degrees and I will stay nice and toasty for the 20-minute 70 mph commute.

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    Olympia gear is good stuff for the price point- quite commonly used in our local club. Often picked by folk whose personal economics would allow them to buy more expensive stuff if they wished.

    Re rain gear- the best choice (unless you use one of the high tech laminates which are as good) is external GoreTex. Don't let your spouse ride in pvc- it sucks- worse than nothing when its hot.
    FrogTogs work but are relatively flimsy and not for years of use. My GoreTex jacket is about 30 years old and went though another storm yesterday with no issues. BTW, BMW Pro Summer GoreTex lined gloves are great for rain riding though a bit too hot for summer otherwise.

    Re textile gear, a step up from Olympia is RevIt and for the most rugged GoreTex laminates there is Klim's higher end stuff. Still can't beat leather for abrasion resistance but for overall flexibility touring most of the world has gone textile. Most of my stuff is RevIt/Klim/Aerostich.

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    I have 2 mesh jackets for touring, one is an Olympia in hi-viz yellow, waist length, with water proof liner and a quilted liner for the cold The other is a Tourmaster 3/4 length jacket in hi-viz yellow also with 2 liners for rain and the cold. Both jackets have armor in the back, shoulders, and elbows. Worn with wicking underwear and the rain liner along with a Camelback I have ridden in high heat (95+ deg) low humidity and have been comfortable after pouring water down my front and back at the neck. In FL high heat/humidity I have had luck using just the mesh jacket (no liner) but you need to be moving. If traveling over 100 miles in the FL summer I wear a BMW Venting Machine jacket and use a Camelback. I remember riding home from the Bloomsburg Rally through some pretty stiff rain showers near Columbia, SC (mesh jacket no liners) and thinking how nice the cool rain felt. The cars that passed me were probably feeling sorry for the biker in the rain but I was happy for the break from the heat. I have tried Frog's Togs and they work well but when touring across country I try to pack as little as possible and the mesh jackets with liners work in the heat, cold, and wet.

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