First post on my new-to-me 2000 R1100RT, with 60k miles.

In the course of removing the front wheel for tire replacement, I found that whoever last changed the wheel partially stripped out the axle pinch bolt head. (As the bike was dealer-maintained at a large shop, I'm guessing someone just got too happy with the air wrench.) In the course of attempting to remove the stripped bolt, I have removed the bolt head, allowing removal of the wheel, but now have the rest of the bolt to contend with. It hasn't budged with what I've been able to do to it in situ.

My thought is to remove the entire fork leg so I can get it into the drill press etc. (Or to the shop, so they can sort it out.)

Clymer's wants me to remove the fairings, gas tank, etc. for the upper and/or lower fork brace removal procedure. But it appears to me from looking at it, that I should be able to unbolt and move the right handlebar aside, release the upper fork brace threaded connection, unfasten the two bolts on the lower fork brace, and then just remove the entire right fork assembly. Am I missing something?