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Thread: oil seepage!!! 1985 K-100

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    oil seepage!!! 1985 K-100

    lm trying to find a quick fix!!!,,,,,,,,,lve spent a lot of money in my restoration project of a 1985 K-100 and lm spent on patience,,cash,,and my agg level is thru the roof!!!,,,lm now having oil seepage issues from the block below the manifold and head covers,,,,lm sure its the gasket cover where the allen screws attach to the upper block of the "brick",,,,,,,,,,,is there an additive that l could add to the crank that will help seal this gasket and stop the "weeping of oil" from the allen screws???,,,,l heard that a teaspoonful full of DOT 3 brake oil just might resolve the issue!!!! even if its a temporary fix!!!,,,,,,,I don't want to tear off another gasket to make it right at this time!!!!! please help!!!!
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