Mod is right. We have probably been doing a bit too much chatting in the Picture thread. I think he is probably happy to see some good-natured banter, but not in that thread. Thought I would start a separate thread for Rally communication among the Oilheaders going and those wishing they were attending.

That done I think I should point out that rad is actually not showing up because his new hexhead is RS Silver. Man, I know that hurt rad.

Going to cut wineguyd some slack. He is new here and is entitled to grace period. Besides, he is scouring the internet for a blast shield for his new R. I figure SeabeckS and BC1100S are trying to get their GPS to get them to the beer hall. festes...poor guy is trying to figure out which bike to ride today. Mark M is no doubt lurking in the background of someone's picture.

I do wonder how terham is doing.