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Thread: 1985-87 R80 Parts

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    1985-87 R80 Parts

    Hello all.
    I'm looking around for a few pieces to add to my r80.
    Fork boots being one of them.
    The thing I've found however is an 11 and a 13 rib option, and I'm not sure which way to go.
    I've also noticed a few custom bikes have swapped out valve covers, and was wondering if I can simply grab these off a /7 or do I have to buy them 3rd party.
    Both options are certainly available on eBay.


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    Chris -

    Welcome to the forum. As for valve covers, check out this thread, particularly post #5.

    For the fork boots, either will work but if you're building a concours bike, you'll want the specific number of ribs. I can't keep it straight...I think the early bikes, say the /5-/7 had 13 ribs. BMW Hucky shows the 13-rib variety is for the '70-80 models. But he also shows the 11-rib are for /6 and /7. Go figure!! You might try one of the on-line fiche locations and put in your VIN and see what part number is called out.
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    For the fork boots, either will work but if you're building a concours bike, you'll want the specific number of ribs.
    The 11-rib gaiters tend to be a bit "stretched" when the bike is up on the center stand. If your bike is not a daily rider that would be mean the gaiters would be stretched out for long(er) periods of time and might tend to crack prematurely. The longer 13-rib gaiter would handle this prolonged extension better.

    edit - I thought the R80 came with "bare" fork stanchions
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    I have an 86 R80 naked, but it is original as it is a euro spec bike. I bought it here when I got stationed here, I am 3rd owner, anyway, I have 11 ribs on my fork boot as it is a BMW replacement part, I doubt it is the factory original. The 11 ribbed boot is not stretched while on the center stand, that is the only stand I prefer to use. Also as for the valve covers, which ones are you referring to? I have the double hump round cast covers, not sure the technical term, or you have the black ugly ones that don't seem to match. I am sure my bike is all BMW original as the previous owners took it to eh bmw shops for all the maintenance.

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    I have 11 rib on my 85 R80 and 95 R100RT. You might want to try using black wire ties instead of stainless hose clamps when installing them. It looks better. The ones on my 85 have been there for 20 years. BTW does your wiring go below the clamp like mine does?

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    Hey thanks everyone for the responses.

    I've also noticed after studying some r80s that theres a part on the frame under the front of the tank that covers up a weld I think and some wires.

    Here's a comparison

    Left right doesn't have it, right side does.


    Anyone know what this part is?

    Also is the stock monoshock better than any other alternative? I've seen some replacements that area adjustable, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

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