Like I said, don't think there is a numbers problem. 17 K people are murdered per year. Can't imagine how many are grievously injured at our expense. don't think there is a numbers problem with motorcycle injuries. Obesity is a huge problem, lack of exercise another, once in a while someone is injured while riding. But riders are an easy target because it scares the bejeebers out of non riders.

I think there are about 7 million bikes registered in the US, most of which sit in garages most of time. Civilian autos and light trucks, not sure, but somewhere around 250 million. Just back from a road trip up interstate 29, saw very few bikes and it's summer. Saw a lot of cars and trucks. when temps drop see no bikes.

think of what could effectively be done to limit hospital visits? Like placing a scale at the supermarket checkout and limit purchases of junk food by body mass. Or we could have a SKU card on a chain around our necks listing our blood pressure, our HDL/LDL levels, our genetic composition, and then only approved insurance/government foods allowed. Just think much better off we'd be. What fun.