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Is the question of where one rides their motorcycle/scooter taken into account? City vs rural? Changes in risk depending on riding environment.
Not at this moment, but IMO for instance, excessive speed in a congested city is way more of a potential risk than in a wide open rural setting with no other vehicles in sight. With other UBI programs, a certain amount of speeding (as long as it's not extreme) is acceptable before losing your discount points, but AFAIK they don't differentiate on location. Because of Saskatchewan's ample wide open spaces, this is obviously a point I'll keep raising in feedback sessions but it's moot right now.

Cheers, 36654. Unfortunately, I let the R1100RS go, not just because of SGI's rate treatments, but also because I have just recently had a knee replacement and am no longer as comfortable with sporty riding positions. The rates are not at the exorbitant levels originally proposed, because the gummint stepped in and mandated they be phased in over a longer period. However, unless there are significant changes, they are still headed there in 3-5 years. It doesn`t seem right, but you`re correct that it`s cheaper to insure an M3 than a 20 year old motorcycle such as the R1100RS. No-fault requires that the insurance premiums be tied to the risk (i.e. to the insurance company), not the vehicle. Also bear in mind, that the risk in question is mostly the operator injury potential, not the vehicular damage.