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Thread: K1600GTL Menu button on left handle grip not working correctly

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    Now theright hand starter switch is inoperable.............BMW WHAT A DISASTER

    First the 6+ week wait for a replacement left cluster switch, now the right hand starter switch is kaput as in not working/starting the bike............BMW MOTORRAD, WHAT A DISAPPOINTING LETDOWN.............LESS THEN 3K ON THE BIKE.

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    Maybe thiswill get their attention


    Well, after a 6 week wait ( no riding) for a replacement left hand cluster switch, the switch was replaced and worked fine.
    THE BIKE WILL NOW NOT START BECAUSE THE STARTER SWITCH IS INOPERABLE...... I am awaiting a new switch from BMW, and of course again I am unable to ride it.
    Frankly, if I have another problem with this bike I will seek to have it declared a LEMON under New Hampshire"s LEMON LAW.

    Thank you

    EJ H

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    Ground Hog Day!!!

    The Beat goes on......


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