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    Kendon lift

    Carefully tip toeing past the Harbor Freight thread(s)...

    Anyone have experience with the Kendon stand-up lifts? I really like the space saving aspect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsky49 View Post
    Carefully tip toeing past the Harbor Freight thread(s)...

    Anyone have experience with the Kendon stand-up lifts? I really like the space saving aspect.
    I have never seen one of these lifts but I have sold Kendon trailers. The trailer is a nice product for sure. A possible word of caution: It appears to me this lift is very light and narrow. The tail, meaning the bike, may wag the dog here. It appears once the bike is in the air the unit may become very top heavy. And, therefore dangerous. I have seen motorcycle weight and heft increase substantially through the decades. 1,000 pound capacity lifts going back decades ago more than did the job. That is commonly not the case anymore with many of today's motorcycles. So what you're lifting becomes extremely important. I do not want to see lifts that begin to sway once loaded with a motorcycle in the air.

    Being OK with Kendon trailers I personally would want to see one of these lifts in real life with a bike that meets their stated weight limits in the air before I made a final decision. These are obviously not "shop" lifts but maybe they meet a price point. The lack of a "table" on the lift is a shortcoming as a table is extremely convenient.

    What bike are you going to be using with the lift? In addition, and far more important that most realize, what are the chances you're going to be lifting friends bikes? Once you have a lift at home almost guaranteed it will be used to lift other bikes. If you have an RT for example and your buddy has an LT that may present a problem. Make sure you do not exceed the lift's stated capacity. Last but not least once in the air check for sway. Realize this is a tool that has the capacity to kill someone.

    Good luck with your research.

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    Interesting. I've never seen that one before. Also check out these guys:

    I own one of the vehicle lifts & the quality is very nice.

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    I have the Kendon lift, it's a good unit. Like you, I was drawn by the ability to stand it up and stow it in minimal space. The unit is well made and sturdy. The wheel chock will hold the bike steady enough to allow a single operator to roll the bike on and get it tied down without needing a second pair of hands to steady it. It takes a bit more effort to get the bike to roll back out of the chock, but it's not bad once you get the technique right. All in all, if I had limitless space, I'd have a full sized work table, but for a very full garage such as mine, the Kendon is a great solution.
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    I have one of thee also, I found gave me the best price. Kendon builds a amazing shipping crate for it. I am happy with it and have no issues Bringing my R1200RT up on it.

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