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Thread: Has anyone used this handlebar switch on an RT?

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    Has anyone used this handlebar switch on an RT?

    Hello everyone,
    I am very interested in trying this switch on my 2000 R1100RT.... has anyone tried it??? I just want to make sure that it fits as it is REALLY pricey.
    It is from Pashnit here
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    Most RTs that I know of don't have a round handlebar area that that will fit. Whatever part is round seems to be already covered by the existing switches. The description on the website mentions that it'll fit a 7/8" round handlebar and mentions 4 or 5 M/C brands that it will fit, but I don't see BMW listed.
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    It would depend on whether you have the factory radio or not. Without the radio controller wheel, my bike has a 15mm blank spacer between the left switch cluster and the clutch perch. Move the clutch perch over a bit and there could be a 20mm space free that might accommodate this switch.

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    Out of curiosity only,(I've been researching tiny PIAA switches,etc. for aux lts.) & I looked at the link & photo showing the switch on a MC dash area-mostly the left side at that and am further curios just how you ride a MC with all that crap in place? Hard to imagine operation of that much "stuff"(see the tele in the pic) and safe operation of the remaining machine? My thoughts move toward the current situ where many amongst us are in "heads down mode" as they live on/into their phone screens & away from the rest of us, much of the time, much less riding a MC too! I've also considered in past musings about loaded MC dash areas as compared to the safer, "soft knobs", less sharp surfaces,etc., in late model vehicles while on some MC's there is enough stuff to kill you 4-5 times over in a crash, across the bar area...
    I once did a brief trial of a water btl. holder on my bars & disliked the thought of it as a place to hit my body going down & returned it.
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