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Thread: Solar Eclipse 2017 - good excuse for a road trip...

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    Solar Eclipse 2017 - good excuse for a road trip...

    The foremost criterion for selecting a site is the weather. Any location along the path of totality from Oregon to South Carolina can enjoy good weather on eclipse day, but the western half of the United States, especially from the Willamette Valley of Oregon to the Nebraska Sandhills, will enjoy the very best weather odds. You can watch the weather forecasts starting a week before eclipse day to judge whether you can strike for a spot close to home or drive further afield.

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    Yes, I will be sitting at the center of path when it happens--just hope the weather cooperates. Pack your tent and sleeping bag if you haven't already made a motel reservation. Motels in a lot of cities in the path are already pretty well booked up, what with the international groups of eclipse-chasers.
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    Lucky for me it is a nice one day ride. No over nite needed.

    Depending on weather, I will ride to someplace get out the camera, sit down and watch.


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