I have two electrical gremlins on my '83 r65 which may or may not be related.

1) Kill-Switch: The only thing the kill switch will kill is any bug it hits at 50+mph. I disconnected the battery ground, took the right side starter/kill switch off, cleaned it with electronic contact spray, unplugged it from the wirng harness under the tank and cleaned those connectors as well. No change. How do I test the circuit? The Clymer manual is silent on this. Note: The starter button still functions perfectly.

2) Headlight: My neutral indicator light went out, so I disconnected the battery ground and took the tach assembly off to replace the bulb. I found that the bulb was good, but its socket was corroded. I cleaned it up and remounted the tach and now, the neutral indicator works beautifully, but the headlight does not. All lights on the bike work except the headlight and the high beam indicator. Again, the Clymer manual does not specifically address this issue. I did clean the connectors from the left hand switch, but still no headlight. Note: The horn and turn signals on the left switch assembly work perfectly.

I've owned a lot of other bikes, but this is my first beemer, so any and all ideas and enlightenment you can offer will be greatly appreciated.