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    1100 RT info

    Looking at getting another older 1100RT. Can't remember which year model is the best buy for latest updates. I think I remember something about the 2000 model being the best....maybe something to do with the later trans or was that 97+?
    Any help appreciated.

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    1998 and newer are the best. They have the updated clutch parts, and the newer transmissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flars View Post
    1998 and newer are the best. They have the updated clutch parts, and the newer transmissions.
    Thanks...Do you know of any other reason for it being the 2000 model year as the best...guess I should take notes!

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    It's possible that a 2000 _may_ have seen less miles and as such less wear and tear. There is no real difference from 1998 to 2001. Yep there are a few 2001 1100RTs out there. These are usually late 2000 production that got shipped and sold and registered in 2001.

    Condition, mileage and maintenance are the key items for me when I shop for a bike and not so much the year.
    Low mileage can be a good thing if the bike was ridden regularly if infrequently. If the bike has been sitting for several years at a time then expect to need to go through the fuel system. (Pump, hoses, injectors) They get varnish deposits from sitting and ethanol has it's way with the fuel system. Check tire date codes on bikes that have sat and expect to replace them as well.

    These are the sorts of things I ran into when I found my current bike in 2010. It had 6,425 miles on it and fully ten years old. Great find? Yes! But not without some issues. All surmountable and well worth it.
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    2000 r1100rt

    Bought mine in 03 w/10k,now has 147k. 2 big failures around 40k. Final drive & right side exhaust valve(hole in it). Valve was a defective from new fluke. Final Drive had rebuilt at local BMW shop. 107k since and no problems. Change the FD oil EO Oil change and inspect drain plug for metal. So far so good. Been in 46 states and 4 Canadian provinces with it. Have done SaddleSore 1000, Bunburner 1500, and GL100. Planning to do 50CC next spring on it. Do most of my own maintenance and modification. Love it. I also have a 93 K75S and it's tough to pick which I like best. If I bought 1 today the first thing I would do is remove the FD and get it stripped and checked for condition and correct shimming. This is a great machine IMHO.

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