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Here are a few answers to your question...there are many more:

1. Salesman are usually paid a commission against a draw. Commission is usually a percentage of the gross profit on products sold...say 15%.
2. $290.00 fluid changes (called first service)
3. $500.00+ fluid changes w/valves and sync (labor rates of $75 to $100+ with wrench getting $15.00 to $25.00 an hour)
4. $900.00 top cases that cost dealer $500.00+
5. $16, $18 or $20.00 oil filters
6. $58.00 for liter of gear lube
7. $18.00 spark plugs
8. $350.00 tank bags
9. $1,000 jackets and $900.00 pants
10. $1,500 exhaust systems
11. $2.37 bolt and 85 cent nut with a 31 cent washer
12. $28 gaskets
13. $900+ per bag panniers
14. $2,000++ final drive units
15. $120.00 service manual CD
16. $200 battery
17. $20 light bulbs
18. Tires and on and on

I'm not complaining...just saying you pay to play and dealer is in business to stay in business. Again, profits from a bike sale can be just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the overall revenue stream from each and every customer. You have to look at the entire product and service line to market when calculating the potential for profit.
Some of these items you list seem to be very typical for certain motorcycle brands/dealers and very untypical for others. What dealer, other than HD will sell a $1,500 exhaust sytem to a new bike customer??
And what Ducati dealer will sell a $900 set of "panniers".
And knowing the desire of BMW owners to perform all of their service work, even for a new bike themselves - as evident in may other posts in this forum - a BMW dealer will not have this revenue stream.

Seriously, if making money with a bike dealership would be a walk in the park, I would do it. I had the chance. Crunching the numbers ,including the initial investment, which has to be financed, I decided against it.
Even considering that there was a restaurant in the mix which would have helped to spread the building overhead.
I admire motorcycle dealers for their bravery to stay in business and put up with us as customers who think they all are entitled to a better deal than the guy who was in the shop just before them.