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Thread: 3/4 length mesh jackets...........what options are there

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    Back on the jacket-
    First Gear makes a couple, the Kilamanjaro and Kathmandu- that can be found at discount places at under $200, especially the "non-current" version.
    They're excellent gear for the $.

    RevIt is better but pricier- I use a now obsolete Scirroco as my 3 season jacket- been replaced by the Levante which is not better IMO.

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    I just bought a First Gear mesh jacket for $161 and some change from Competition Accessories and think it's one of my best jackets for summer riding. It could use a little better armor but I can upgrade later.

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    Just to close out the thread

    It took me a year, but I finally did make a purchase........a Tourmaster Air Sonoma. The jacket has numerous features and seems to be generously cut. My primary fault with the jacket is narrow rubber velcro tabs. A wider fabric tab with velcro would have been better.

    But, so far, so good. And, I, too, are now one of the Hi-Viz Yellow/Green weenies
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    Hey, who you callin' a weenie? I'm one of the hi-vizzers too and I just don't understand why anyone would ride in black. No-viz and hot!

    I've had a Tourmaster Sonora 3/4-length mesh jacket in hi-viz yellow for a few years. I prefer the 3/4 length which limits the choices. My complaint with it is it has too many pockets! There are two "Napoleon" pockets zipped on the exterior and another zipped inside. All of this adds layers of material and, even though it is all mesh, it stops a lot of air and adds weight. But I'd buy another should that be necessary. Good value.

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