I have a 2000 R1100RT that I've owned since June of 2006. In November 2009, the input shaft splines on the transmission stripped out. I went ahead and had the $3000 job done by a VERY WELL KNOWN AND REPUTABLE INDEPENDENT shop. Mileage when I got the bike back in December 2009 was ~59,600.

Fast forward to Thursday (4th of July, 2013). Bike has 88K miles and I am trying to sell it. (Variety of reasons but I'm selling it). I am going to ride the bike to a spot about 1.5 miles from our home to display it with a for sale sign. Three blocks from the house, I take off from a stoplight. 1st gear, start to accelerate and ZZZZZZZ!! Loud racket, immediately lose power to rear wheel. I think to myself, "There is NO WAY that this could happen to me / this bike again, IS THERE????"

Went to the repair shop today (about 4 miles from our home) and had one of the service writers come back to the house with me. Checked it out and confirmed my fear - INPUT SPLINES ARE STRIPPED AGAIN!! 3.5 years later, not even 30,000 miles. DAMN!!

I am certainly glad for one thing - I'm glad that this didn't happen to someone a short time after I'd sold them the bike. They would have figured me to have known there was a problem and was just a crook trying to unload the problem on someone else. That is NOT the person I am. I would have returned the money.

So, any suggestions from the gathered brain trust? I am not going to spend another $3000-ish to turn around and sell the bike for $4500-5000.