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There was some problems with the split up, but the other thread was all about the Harbor Freight lift. The poster who started the most recent round of the HF lift wanted to know how it rolled around...that was the basis of his post. But when that thread got into a debate about quality versus cost and "you get what you pay for", it was best that that kind of discussion be moved off on its own. That's how we got here!
What triggered this on my end was looking at the very first post for whatever reason from 3 1/2 years ago. Other than mentioning a sale on Harbor Freight lifts I assumed wrong. You know what happens then. I assumed the content was more lift-related as opposed to Harbor Freight lift-related. My bad and therefore under those conditions an inappropriate suggestion was made. My apologies to all. There was zero intention to start a 2nd thread and the post I made was only made to show a possible alternative lift as I thought it might be helpful to those in the market. And it consisted of a single line followed by a web address.

What can I say? No one ever accused me of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.