Okay, I give up. I have tried to use the search function but can't seem to find some information that I am sure has been covered before. I am changing the rear brake disc on a R1100. All the manuals call for Loctite 273 when the disc is bolted to the final drive. Anyone know what color this stuff is? My local parts store only carries Permatex, which I understand is Loctite's comsumer brand. Is there a conversion? I have some 242, but I gather that is not strong enough. The threads now seem to show a grey material as threadlocker. Probably the original. If I use red, will I ever get the disc off again if need be? Thanks.

Just as an aside, is it just my computer, or is the little white box where you type in what you want to search for in the forum, now obscured by the word "Forum" since they "improved" the site a short while back? So now you can't see what you are typing. Does that make any sense to anyone? (Make a note to self: call BMWOA headquarters and have them actually open their own website. Be told, "You're the first person to tell us that. But you know, you're right..... Joe, call the programmer back in...." )