I mounted a set of Pilot Road 3s on a friend's '08 K1200GT the other day. As part of the mounting, I always spray some Windex around the bead, after the tire is seated, to look for any slow leaks. The rims had been carefully cleaned and checked for nicks. To my suprise, there were numerous leaks!

Upon further inspection, after breaking the bead, it was noted that the Pilot Road 3s have the normal 1/4" "hairs" on the tread, but they also have two rows of "hairs" right next to the bead. When the tire is mounted several of these "hairs" get folded over and caught between the tire bead and the rim resulting in numerous slow leaks.

After cutting off the "hairs" with a pair of wire cutters (leaving less than 1/16") and reseating the bead, the result was no leaks.

I would suggest that BEFORE you have anyone mount PR3s, you ask them to cut the "hairs" around the bead or do it yourself. Having to add air to your tires every few days would really suck!