My '75 recently has been having a bear of a time starting... A little background.. It was having an issue with a fuel line, the line would begin bleeding fuel as soon as petcocks were open on one side. I replaced the fuel lines and got rid of some small inline filters, though I don't believe those were the problem, because I switched them to other side just to see if I could isolate issue. (Petcocks were not the issue either, and the fuel lines were new, so I never actually figured out why the one side would "bleed")... but anyways..

So, took out the inline filters.. replaced both sides with fuel line from petcock down to the junction with other line.. for a couple weeks all was good..
Now, it starts with great difficulty, backfires, etc. (which I realize is probably not related) but it just doesn't seem to be getting fuel in the beginning..finally will start, with choke, etc. but it turns over a bunch...

Then when actually riding, it just sounds rough from what it has... not skipping, but just not right...
Carbs recently tweaked by my master mechanic at Nickwackett in Pittsford.

Anyways.. thoughts, suggestions?
Getting rid of inline filters perhaps a bad idea? Anyone else ever experience this odd gas bleed issue?