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Thread: Mesh Tech and Body Evaporation!

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    Thumbs up Hydration Timer

    Ride extensively in very high "real" temps (heat+humidity)...Kevlar mesh usually, with LD LONG sleeves (dampened), long pants liners....AND a Hydration timer mounted on my instrument panel (dash). Simple kitchen timer......take a long cool swig from Camelback every 15 NOT wait until you think you're thirsty!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sibud View Post
    When I rode to Redmond, I wore a 2L Camelback. Filled full of ice at Micky D's in the morning then added water. Sipped every few minutes. Lasted 4 hours at a time.

    Drank every chance I could. No caffeine. Makes a big difference.

    I wore mesh and never felt close to any of the symptoms listed above.

    Just bought a one piece Roadcrafter. Vents seem to work well. Haven't worn it in anything over 85 degrees so far.

    Eat a banana every day. Don't know if it helps,but i doesn't hurt either.

    Looking for a way to mount a cooler on my RT for longer trips so I don't have to wear water on my back.

    Anyone done that? Pics appreciated.
    Same here. Mesh to Sedalia last year, mesh to WV this year. No major symptoms. No camelback but I stopped every 1.5 and drank water from my cooler.
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