I want to first say that mesh tech gear is very nice and I can say the First Gear saved my friend's life , but there can be some misgiving's that I want all of you to be aware of when you are riding in the high temperature area's of the country right now.
I found out last year riding to Sedalia that my body had quickly evaporated much faster than I imagined. I suffered heat exhaustion four times.

Mistake #1- Do not let yourself be misled in your mind that Mesh Tech will keep you cool. I am still convinced that Mesh Tech gear is spectacular stuff, but your body will evaporate much faster as you are blasting through the curves.

Mistake #2- I use a Camel Back and only relied on straight water. Do not rely on straight water. I suggest a 50/50 mix of water and Gatorade. Keep your electrolytes plentiful.

Mistake #3- Almost passing out at the handlebar's. This became very sudden. I was riding and drinking the water and again misled myself. I slept several hour's in gas station's. A kind hearted Missouri Highway Patrol Officer even checked on me three times at one of my stop's.

It is very easy to dehydrate yourself. Do not do what I did. I should know better being a paramedic. We are our own worst patient's.
Have a safe and blessed ride to Salem!

Take Care & Ride Safe
Pat Carol