Hi Gang,

Have not had the K75s out since May - went to put on battery tender this morning and normally the red light comes on before I connect to power - this time it did not - turned ignition switch and dead - no power.

Connected 12V battery charger on positive terminal by taking off one side cover and grounded to frame. Battery almost indicates charged - turned on key and the tach rocketed up - strange. Clock did come on as did the other normal indicator lights when switched on. Was also on the 2 amp slow charge setting on charger.

Put a voltmeter to + terminal and grounded other side to frame & getting less than 1.5 volts.

Battery on bike is a Westco sealed 12V20P
Bought @ March 2010.

Normally when charger connected, I hear the humming from the charger - I'm hearing a slight humming noise somewhere near the battery on the bike.

So, right now in PAUSE mode - charger not connected to bike.

Guessing bad battery but wondering why tach needle shot up when I turned on ignition switch with battery charger on the lowest setting.

Thanks for your help in advance & Happy & Safe July 4th weekend holiday!