After much proding and assistance coupled with an extreme amount of patience from Gary, I have been encouraged to join the forum in order to post a few of the trips that I have been lucky to be invited on and write about. I have been riding for 18 years. Ever since I flung a leg over a bike, I had always wanted a BMW and said that I wanted to ride in New Zealand and Alaska. They say that all you have to do is put it out there and somehow the universe makes it happen. Well, both riding experiences did happen as well as being fortunate enough to drive cross country including some parts of Canada as well. Now who does that their first year of riding...? Someone who has to make up for lost time, hey! Kurt was kind enough to do the conversion of an article that I wrote about touring in New Zealand. The article appeared in the BMWMOA magazine a few years back. Since then, I have returned to New Zealand for an on road/off road tour and was invited to tour in Alaska! So, dreams and wishes do come true. I hope you enjoy reading the article and it promts you to go for it. BMWMichele