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Thread: Deep oil pans for '70's airheads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmylee View Post
    How much oil volume did this add? 1 Qt? Less than 1 Qt? Also, did these parts also lower your oil pick up suction screen down an equal amount as the new depth of the pan?

    What I am wanting is a "buffer" just to make sure that I NEVER go low on oil, and the added benefit of cooler oil.
    From what I have read - I have not measured the change in oil quantity yet - the increase in oil volume is 250 ml. That is when using the stock /7 dipstick and the oil level at the same 'max' location. While this is some extra oil (~ 8 oz), I mainly installed the deeper (BMW) oil pan for the baffle.

    Here are several other options:

    p.s. The hex bolts listed previously are for the deeper pickup. The 81+ screen was slightly different than my 1978 /7 screen.
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    Wunderlich sells deep sump kits for airheads.
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