Alright here goes, to my airhead associates, its for a 1974 R60/6, I live and drive in the Houston TX area and its getting hot and the gas is getting er...well crapier. So got the pining kind of undercontrol, but the heat is not, it got 102 the other day and I was in slow stop & go traffic (common theme here so Its a daily issue) and it just got way to hot, I've know this airhead since she was born and I know when she complains, she talks to me in ways only fellow airheads can understand, well she was complaining. So I've got my hands on a deeper oil pan with extended pick up and the associated dip stick and also an oil cooler assembly to include the thermostat, center tube, and cooler with lines. Upon further investigation, I found out and I understand the depth for the white Oring and center tube protrution etc. However I am confused about the cannister it's self, I have to replace it with a latter version but why? Is it the depth and or the distance to the side etc???, I read snowbums and other sites but I'm still not really clear about the cannister. So before I proceed with the oil cooler I need more information concerning the cannister and how to replace it.
Thank you fellow airheads