I'm a newb GS rider, but not new to riding. Have done three real dual sport rides (Oakland MC Sheetiron 300 x2; AMA Dist 37 DV 350 x1) on a KLR650 and a DRZ400. Had my butt handed to me on all of them - but built on dirt skills that hadn't been used since I was about 16. Lot's of miles on street on heavy bikes, and a lot of track time and training on sport bikes.

I'd love to learn more about handling my GS in offroad riding, and am trying to figure out which one of the many classes on offer would be the best bet for me, without spending too much time on stuff I'm already comfortable with. For me, it's all about handling the GS1200 in the dirt, especially getting more comfortable throwing it around on fire roads.

I'm looking at BMOA - Adventure Skills Development Course, or BMOA- Advanced Dual Sport Clinic. Anyone recommend either of those, or a different one? Thanks for any tips!! See you in Salem!