I was minding my own business at 7:05AM on Saturday morning when my cell phone rang. It was a good friend, riding/touring companion and the PO of both of my 1200GS and 1200RT.

"You up yet?"

"Yup. Sup?"

"Come help me ride some of my bikes?"

"Be there in an hour."

And just like that, one of my most memorable days EVAR began. By the day's end I'd ridden 13 bikes (including my RT) from his collection. Each bike was like new...some original, some restored. It was an unforgettable experience. Here's the list:

2008 BMW r1200RT

1967 Honda 305 Superhawk

1971 Honda CB 450

1974 Honda CB 550 Four

1971 Honda SL 350

1970 Honda CB 750K0

1951 Vincent Black Shadow

1976 BMW R90/S

1979 Suzuki GS1000S

1983 Honda 650 Turbo 650

1967 Triumph Bonneville

2013 BMW K1600 GT