I had this great air pressure gauge that my dear departed wife bought me some 20 years ago. It sucks onto a tire air nozzle like a lamprey and holds the reading when you take it off. It also lets you bleed off air pressure when your tire is overfilled. An excellent tool. Unfortunately it because innacurate and I was about to pitch it and buy another one when I discovered something on their website. All their gauges are covered by a lifetime warranty and repairs for $3 postage. Covers failures but if you ran over or hammered on it they won't cover that.

Just pack it up first class mail and return it to them with a check and you get back a repaired gauge. May not be worth it in some cases but if you have a fancy favorite like mine it definitely was! I sort of expected to get a new Made In China one back but they actually repaired my old Made In USA gauge, which was also pretty cool. Fast turnaround too, could not have been even 2 weeks since I sent it in.

Here's the details: http://www.ghmeiser.com/contact.htm