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    I am working overseas in Hong Kong and I am looking at getting a bike here. In the US I have an R1200GSA and a s1000RR but a very nice R80 is available here in Hong Kong.

    I do not have my garage and tools here and I am wondering how much routine maintenance is needed to keep the carbs in balance etc. It has been maintained by a shop the last few years at least and it looks clean. My big question is will I need to take it to the shop all the time looking at the average R80?? Thanks for any advice.
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    If you are brave enough to ride in Hong Kong the R80 will weave and bob with the best of them. If it has been maintained they are very reliable machines. Without any other info like mileage or general condition or availability of maintenance records it is not really possible to answer with any great accuracy.
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    The carbs are fairly simple devices. They will run in most states of repair, sometimes better than others. But they can be kept in reasonable running order with simple tools, provided you don't also have "ham fist" to work with.
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    If this bike has one into two throttle cables, carb balance will be virtually no problem.
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    The tool kit on the bike should be sufficient for any general maintenance issues. If it runs well now, you should not have to adjust the carburetors unless for some reason you want to take them off the bike or somebody tampers with them. Check the oil and keep it in the middle of the marks, air up the tires and ride it. There is always the possibility of a rotor failure,or a bad relay in the electricals, but that stuff happens regardless of your maintenance schedule. If it works now, it most likely will continue to work for some time to come, How are the seals? Rear main and pushrods can weep for a long time before you are forced to deal with them. The oil pressure sender unit on the left side of the block may also develop a rapid leak in a short amount of time. If the bike sat unused for any length of time the seals can dry out and get hard causing it to weep oil after some use.

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    Thank you for the replies. The bike has been sitting but my cursory inspection showed a well maintained bike not used extensively. It started and ran well but dry seals could reel their head suddenly I guess. I need to do further inspection and these replies gives me some things to look at.

    Riding in Hong Kong is not nearly as bad as many will imagine. I live on Lantau Island and the biggest risk is hitting wild Cattle and Water Buffalo grazing on the side of the road. Not much different than riding in Colorado which is where my other bikes are. Of course I can take the highway into the city which would be lots of fun but in a risky way. I will post a pic on this thread if I get the bike. A Triumph t-100 caf? racer is also available and both look good. Buying a new bike here is just too expensive, a new F-700 is over 16,000 dollars. The R80 is 8000 dollars.

    Thanks again
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