This was originally posted by AKsuited in "Crash Chronicles" and thought it deserved a wider audience:

"Sometimes when I stop for a traffic light, the bike wants to tip to the right. Since I'm using my right foot on the brake, I'll turn the handlebars to the right as I stop to force the bike to tip to the left, instead."

When I read that I thought WHAT COULD BE MORE OBVIOUS? Perhaps I am the only one on this forum who didn't get that idea about two days after the first MSF course. But I didn't, and have frequently had to poke down my right foot while I re-squeezed the front brake lever, and felt rather incompetent in this simplest of maneuvers.

If you are one of those who isn't quite sure which direction the bike will lean when you come to a stop - learn. The rest of you can have a good laugh at my expense. It IS pretty funny that I never thought of "counter-steering" in this light before.