I have had this problem before with this assembly but now I am stuck. My bulb went out for the high beam so I changed it. However, this two piece assembly has failed again. The assembly seems to be under-engineered to me.
The bulb fits into a metal cage and then a plastic sleeve slides into the metal cage and supplies a ground for the bulb. There is a lot of pressure from the ground spring on the back of the bulb. The plastic sleeve is held in place by two minuscule plastic bump/ears (which seat against a sharp metal slot) which round off after one bulb changes or so. While on a road trip from FL to PA I had to change the bulb. Well as I inserted the assembly into the headlight housing, I heard a clinking sound. One of those two ears has rounded off, again, and now the assembly is in the housing... Yes... Half-cocked!!! I suppose it will have to be drilled out of there a bit at a time. I have ordered the $21 replacement assembly but I can't get the darned thing out and I don't want to break the ceramic headlight. It is a costly item.
Any advice is welcome! Any alternative improvement is also welcome! Does anyone know of a replacement assembly for this two piece high beam cartridge?