I'm from Wisconsin, but friends/family situation warrant my being in the Bradenton/Sarasota area regularly.
I've stopped at Haps over the years to just look around and buy a tchotchke or two, but that's about it, until:

A couple years ago, a friend's /7 puked a rocker arm bearing - we ran down and Phil and Jan took good care
of him. This past Saturday, my '04 K/GT started spraying fuel out the right side (..Is that bad? ) at
the north end of the Skyway bridge. That plastic T fitting I've heard about, I suppose...

...Talked to Jan, and Doug came along in a hour and hauled self and 'GT down to the shop. Jan and Phil took
care of things - in about an hour or so, I was rolling out with a new metal fitting...

... My home shop is Mischlers, and Art, Eric, Deb, Jason et al are great to work with IMHO.
I know that every dealer has its issues, but I can only say good things about how Hap's has taken care of us.
Thanks, guys!