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Thread: 2010 R1200 GSA mechanical and service problems

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    2010 R1200 GSA mechanical and service problems

    My 2010 GSA with less than 30,000 km broke an alternator belt far from home last year and BMW Roadside Assistance took numerous phone call and two letters finally culminating in an email to A Mr. Wells, customer relations for Canada to settle things. Within a month of that episode, I felt the clutch slipping, but the local service manager in Victoria, B.C. said it was alright until this year when I returned with the same concern and the mechanic took it for for a ride to confirm that it was the clutch. The service manager immediately blamed my riding style and said warranty would not cover it. The mechanic had different thoughts and eventually the clutch was replaced under warranty. This past weekend, the engine shut down in traffic with no warning and BMW Roadside Assistance could not come up with a local towing outfit to get us home. I paid to have the service provided and must deal with Roadside Assistance again. Oddly, another operator at the 800 number has arranged a tow truck to bring the motorcycle to the dealer in Victoria tomorrow. The towing company is a Victoria outfit not far from where the engine failed. This is becoming a significant problem with unreliable machinery and unreliable service. Does anybody have an explanation or solution?

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    Sad to say, but one alternative is to buy another brand and purchase your road side assistants from a private company like Triple A. Yes, this is somewhat tongue-in-cheek reply, but ultimately true.
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    30km (18K miles) on a clutch is on the rider IMHO, unless there was a failure of the PP, or oil contamination from a bad seal.

    Most manufactures auto or moto do not pay for fried clutches, unless there was another warrantable underlying cause.

    As far as Roadside, even AAA has issues, they deal with independent contractors, and at times there is just no one "available" because they can make more $$$ doing other work, AAA and other Roadside programs pay discounted fees.
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