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Thread: Don't Always Start On First Try

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    Don't Always Start On First Try

    My 2012 G650GS doesn't always start the first time I try it. I will let it turn over a few times and then if it doesn't start I try again and it starts. A few months ago I had the hot start problem and the dealer fixed that and now it has the cold start problem. I mentioned it to the Dealer and he said but it starts good hot now, right? He did say they would hook it up to the computer as I had it there for the fuel light not coming on when the fuel got low. I am going to the Dealer tomorrow for chain and sprockets and will mention it again. It always starts but still bugs me and this little problem may entice me to trade it sooner than I would have. It will be a year old July 27th and I have a little over 18,000 miles on it. Any ideas I can mention to the Service Manager?

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    Just curious, what did they find on your 'hot start' problem?

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    The hot start problem was the decompression lever and my wife's 2012 G650GS really had the problem the worst but mine would not start every once in awhile right away; they always did start just not well.

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    Had the exact same problem with my 2012 G650GS as your wife's. Took two trips and a month for the dealer to fix.

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    I'm subscribed on this thread & I'll post after more exp with the MC. As far as I know my MC is "fixed" from the 2nd repair. The 1st owner rode it as a commuter for several hundred short trip miles(military home to base & return @ Ft Rucker,AL) & had no problems after Pensacola BMW did the correct fix. As a side note & FWIW, he sold it based on his next duty assignment, not based on a continuing issue with the MC.
    There are several active threads on this series of bikes on ADV under Thumper but I have to say the posts are 75% fluff(I do it too) & 25% meat. The F650 sites not dead but also not real heavy with action. Definitely not as much as I would have thought.
    As a service I'll post this reference to a link for the service bulletin detailing the repair of hot start issue: Go to "Thumpers" on "ADV" & in the large thread-"G650GS" read Post #921 , page 62.
    If I knew how to make it easier , I'd have done it that way,sorry.
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    Hot and Cold Start Issues

    I don't want to play internet mechanic because you can't diagnose a vehicle from your kitchen table but I would also make sure that the spark plugs you use are the ones tailored for your driving style. What I mean by this is we all have different usage patterns for our motorcycles and having the incorrect temperature ratings can cause a plug to foul or worse yet damage the engine. I have made this change in the past and found immediate improvements in the combustion performance of the bike -- both hot and cold. You can find immense amounts of information on the Bosch and Denso websites that speak to plug ratings. Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that this is your problem but merely that it could contribute to cold or hot start issues. Also make sure your plug gap is set correctly as this will change on its own over time.


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