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Thread: Garmin Nuvi 765 blue tooth to Android phone

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    Garmin Nuvi 765 blue tooth to Android phone

    Hey all, I'm trying to do something different here. I can pair my gps and the phone to make calls over the gps no problem. What I want to do is use the gps for navigation, and have the gps send the its audio voice directions to my Verizon phone. This way, I don't have to run a cable from the gps mounted on the bike to my helmet speakers, but will run the cable from my phone to my helmet. The gps blue tooth audio profile is not seeing the phone. Does anyone know if there is a phone app that allows me to do this. Everything I've found discusses using the phone as the gps, but that will run up the data costs.
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    Sorry, you cannot do this. Although the Nuvi 765 can serve as a interface for the phone, it assumes you are in a car and want to use the microphone on the GPS itself. You can pair the phone to the GPS and the speaker will be in the Bluetooth ear pieces but the Bluetooth microphone will not connect and you have to speak into the GPS unit. Not workable. Sorry.
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    I used the 756T for a few years on my bikes both with Android and iPhone's. The only set up that really worked with my bluetooth headset was pairing each unit individually with the headset. Using this I would hear navigation and music from the Nuvi and phone calls from the phone. It never worked for my trying to pair the phone to the Nuvi and then to the headset. Apparently the pairing protocol is not set up for this. I've recently switch to a Nav IV which is essentially the same unit as the 765 (functional wise). With the Nav IV I pair the phone to the GPS then pair the GPS to the headset. All functions run through the GPS. Since I could never get that to work on the Nuvi, that is why I believe that they have a slightly different software paring set up.
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