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Thread: New Windshield from Aero Flow

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    New Windshield from Aero Flow

    Current Projects:
    BMW C650GT

    Upcoming Projects:
    BMW R1200GS Water Cooled

    BMW C650GT

    C650GT AeroScreens available by end of June, HLC's by end of July.

    The 2-up portion of C650GT AeroScreen testing has been completed, and production molds are being wrapped up and fine-tuned.

    Compared to the stock BMW screen the AeroScreen's surface and perimeter shapes are a smooth, aerodynamic shape with no abrupt changes in contours.

    Typical of most our designs, the top edge of both AeroScreens has been pushed back, closer to the driver, and is gently flared at the top directing airflow over the driver's helmet while allowing visibility over the screens.

    To provide better helmet and shoulder protection the Aeroscreens are wider and rounded at the top, as opposed to the GT screen's "V" shape which is wider at the top/sides and shorter in the center of the screen.

    The mounting hole locations of our screens also make them sit higher than stock and though our Standard height screen is virtually the same length as the BMW stock, it sits roughly 3" taller than stock when mounted on the bike. Though physically only 1" longer than the Standerd, the Tall AeroScreen sits roughly 5-1/2" higher than stock and has more flare at the top.

    Both AeroScreens offer better upper body and helmet protection than stock for both driver and passenger.

    AeroScreens will be available Clear Only, Standard height $249.95, nearly $100.00 less than the BMW stock replacement screen, and Tall height, $274.95. Standard height for drivers to 5'-10", Tall for drivers 6'-0" and taller.

    A HeadLight Cover, HLC, will be available by end of July and pricing has not been determined
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    i am interested - for me 4 inches taller would be perfect. I would have thought there would have been more posts on this topic pro or con. Oh well

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