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Thread: 1990 k75 won't start

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    1990 k75 won't start

    I'm in the middle of a cross country trip and camped out in massive thunderstorms in eastern ohio last night. I woke, ready to get out of here, only my bike won't start. It's been running fine, but now, when I put the starter in position 1 and turn the key, instead of the lights coming on I get a sad wimpering sound and the clock fades away. Any ideas? I'd love to get out of here before the storm comes back. I had a rain cover on but it probably didn't do a ton to keep the deluge out. Could it be wet spark plugs?

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    Sounds like a dead battery.

    Could also be bad connection at the battery or chassis ground.

    See if you can get a jump. Positive to positive (battery terminal on left side of bike). Negative to frame (use frame bolt on left side of bike near shift lever).


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    Yep. Good call fellas. Jumped and on the road. Thanks.

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