The city of Marion, Ar. is hosting the Sultana Exhibit this summer now thru July 26. The Sultana was a steam paddlewheel ship that burned and sank just outside of Marion April 26, 1865. It was and still is the worst maritime disaster in American history. Over 1800 loss of life, as a comparison the famous sinking of the Titanic caused about 1500 lost lives. This is also considered a Civil War event as a majority of the loss of lives were Union pow's being tranported home at the end of that war. The exhibit is in Angelo's Grove Shopping Center 303 Bancario Dr. Behind Wendy's on Highway 64. Exit 10 I-55. The exhibit is 10 minutes north I-40 in West Memphis and 5 minutes off I-55. If your a Civil War, disaster, Mississippi River, or history buff it's a good stop. Probably takes less than an hour to do it. Monday tru Sat. 10 am -5:30 pm Sun. 1 pm- 5 pm. And to top it off, it's FREE.