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Thread: Ride the Gorge

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    Food tip:)

    There is a restaurant at that intersection/turnoff at Hwy12(left turn there, coming West from Packwood) to East side of St.Helens. Good food, as I remember and I ate there with the CEO/VP of BMWNA a while back, as I left Redmond Rally that year. He was along the same route, enjoying the sights on tour riding a GS. Sorry, I am horrible with names, but he retired from the job since and was a nice article in BMW'ON a year or so ago about the guy. One of the few times I ever met a real cool guy from BMW Corporate, doing what we do... Randy

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    On the Washington side from SR 14 turn north just east of Stevenson on the Wind river Hwy. Climb up a deeply forested set of swell twisties and once the road straightens out, turn left at Curly Creek Rd, which becomes NF 90. After crossing the Lewis River turn right on NF-25 which is the paved forest service road that runs east of Mt. St. Helens. This very narrow and has many sections of broken pavement, so keep your sight-seeing to brief snapshots. DO take the spur road to Windy Ridge and the overlook into the maw of the volcano. Back on NF 25 (which becomes SR 131) north, you continue through dense forest and twisty road to Randall at Hwy 12. Stop for a burger and a coke.

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    Can't wait!

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    So as the OP asked, does anyone have gpx files of the gorge ride?
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