You might like riding toward "the destination" by only using a red mark on a virtual compass display. Text display shows the "crow flies" distance remaining. You come to a T intersection and glance at the Garmin display to see that "the destination" is slightly to the right of center, so you can turn right unless the choice to the left looks more interesting.

My Garmin Nuvi 500 or 550 can do this in "hiker mode." The compass display straight ahead is the direction you are going, sort of like using the angle of sun to get somewhere but it also works on overcast days and at night. Quirk: after you enter the destination, set the mode to "hiking" set display to "compass" then as you get into 2nd gear the GPS realizes its going faster than walking and asks if you want to switch to "automobile" mode, decline with another button push and you are good to go. No recalculating, no words you to need to hear, just steady progress on the smaller roads directly toward where you want to go.

On the downside, we have been lead to "ferry boats" and smaller and smaller dirt roads that go underwater but were passable. You don't get a pinpoint "arrival time" but you can tell if the crow flies distance is still 100 miles then you know about how long it will take.