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    BAD Luck:(. R1200GS

    I wake up this AM and find BOTH my Ohlin's leaking! Crap.....GSA1200 was all ready for departure next week for more than a month away. Dry as a bone here, but raining heavy on ME! Some quick calls got me Ohlin's USA in NC and they are awaiting my shocks overnight tomorrow by 1030AM via UPS. Slow there and they rebuild mine when they arrive and back to me by this weekend, FAST. Problem is, the shocks are only a year old!!! Warranty by them is in play, OR I ask for it. I get slammed by shipping costs, but I hope they stand up and do the work FREE. On the phone, they said the costs would be very minimal, if anything, depending on abuse to shocks? Miles; only about 12000m on these. Its early for a rebuild even by their standards of 20000m build intervals, recommended by Ohlin. My 2nd set of these and the first were perfect a long time. 2200$ shocks and my morning awake to this, really had me cursing the situation before I got out my tools and did the work and shipped them off. At least they are doing the work PROMPTLY, I smile. GSA1200 is quite a PIG, having to take a front shock OFF, (crash bars)UGLY JOB(about an hour+). The rear one comes off in 5 minutes. FYI, for anybody having to do this job. I Will report IF I spent my shipping dollars wisely, as that alone is not cheap(overnight) from West Coast. Called my only resource, Ted Porter BMW Shop in Santa Cruz, CA. area and he is swamped with shock work and getting ready for Salem, no time for mine. 175 miles from me anyways. Anyhow, GSA will be back in fine fashion come Monday or sooner. Randy
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