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Thread: Airflow 4 question

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    Airflow 4 question

    What is the purpose of the two elastic straps on the inside of this fine jacket?

    The jacket itself is excellent in terms of airflow, fit and comfort, and construction quality - but those two interior straps just get in the way when putting it on. I'm tempted to just cut the straps out of there but maybe there is a good reason to keep them. I've heard they're supposed to be used to carry the jacket backpack-style around the campsite or when hiking, but if so, why are they so elastic and non-adjustable? Maybe they have something to do with fit or with "non-flapping".

    So, keep or cut? I have a feeling I'm supposed to know something which I don't.
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    Keep them if you ever want to sell the jacket.

    I think I got my arm in one once, but otherwise they are of little consequence to me.

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    My buddies always laugh when I use the straps to carry my jacket. They say I look like a ninja turtle! Lol!


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    Airflow Jacket Straps

    They are to carry the jacket around open by using your shoulders while freeing your hands to do other things. I find them extremely convenient in warm weather when stopped to get something in the convenience store or the like. They ensure that I don't have to leave the jacket draped over the bike or carry it under my arm while doing other things.


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