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Thread: Adventure designs tool kits

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    Adventure designs tool kits

    I stumbled upon The Adventure Designs website and it looks like they have pretty comprehensive quality tool tool sets for BMW specific models. Has anyone bought one of these sets and what do you think of them? Depending on the feedback I'm thinking of getting one to carry on my RT as it looks like all that I would need to carry besides zip ties, duct tape, etc.

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    I have one for my 2012 RT. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of things; it's been nice to know that I've got the right sparkplug puller, that I have every extension and bit in one place, etc, rather than grubbing together a kit from my drawers.

    The folding funnel is handy, too.

    Everything in the kit is well made. I also carry a mini TengTool ratchet set and a Wiha ball-end Torx wrench set: great for the tupperware.

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    I also have the kit for my RT and have no regrets. The kit is costly but contains all necessary tools to accomplish the majority of service and road side repairs that the average enthusiast will entertain doing on their own.


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    I also have one. I striped it down to the appropriate tools I would use on the road for my RT and dumped the tool roll for a small zipper bag that's far more compact and since it zips closed, it contains the smaller tools better.

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    Nice guys:)

    I've bought from them many times, good folks and at many rallies. Likely in Salem this year, too. Cruz Tools is another brand, makes similar tool kits for specific BMWs. I have neither but have interest. My old Airhead has a very good tool kit of yesteryear(1970s) when BMW gave us such with bikes and I use it. Works great. Randy

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    I have the Adventure Designs toolkit. Use it for servicing my bike in the garage and also on the road. I found it clumsy to use the socket to extend the ratchet handle, etc. and replaced with a longer ratchet wrench. Doing it again, would probably buy from craftsman for basic tools and amend for my R1200GS.
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