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Thread: garmin montana on R 100 GSPD ?

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    garmin montana on R 100 GSPD ?

    morning all, I want to get a gps for backcountry travel #1 , and touring #2. after some research I think I want a garmin 600t, does anyone have experience with this? thanks Chuck
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    I've got the Montana 600 and really am impressed with it. I have installed the City Nav maps as well as the Canada topo maps (which I all ready owned) and recently added hi res back county maps for Alberta and British Columbia. I got it for use with my GS since I like to ride to a location and then do a bit of hiking after that and wanted a single GPS that could serve both activities. There are other units that would do this too, but the screen size of the Montana was the draw for the on bike navigating.

    The unit itself is very versatile and can be configured in several profiles for various uses. This lets you set how everything looks and is displayed depending on what activity you are using it for. The only drawback I've noted is that while it can be configured with the Nuvi layout, a Zumo layout with larger on screen buttons would be easier when wearing gloves. You can get powered mounts for the bike and car as well which will charge the internal battery when the unit is docked. Additionally, you can pull the rechargeable battery out if it dies and continue on with AA batteries (assuming you have them to use).
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    I have been very happy with my Montana, I have the 650 with the camera - wifey got it for me for Christmas.

    I love the different profile settings, as I can use it easily in my car for work (in the auto-mount), on the bike (in the rugged mount) and handheld when hiking (or wandering a city by foot) without reconfiguring any settings. My profiles are already set-up with the dashboard view, trip computer display, and mapping software that I want to use for each mode of travel so simply tapping a screen shortcut I can select my "car", "bike" or "boots" and I'm off. I have found it reliable, easy to use with gloves, even heavy winter gloves, and appreciate the screen size and visibility in daytime. I have had no water-proof issues at all... I do have it mounted pretty close to the windscreen so it stays pretty dry, but several drenching downpours haven't fazed it at all. It does get a little finicky at near freezing in my experiences, but so do I

    As others will state - there is a bit of a learning curve to this unit, and similar to most technological marvels, most, like me, will never use the entire feature list.

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    I have a Montana's a great GPS with a lot more nav features than a 665 (excluding XM radio).

    As long as you don't need XM, you won't be sorry, well worth the price.

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