I had the transmission off the other day because I had to apply lube to the clutch splines. I hadn't put *nearly* enough on when I replaced the clutch 2 years ago and the clutch plate was starting to hang up making downshift in particular very difficult. Lesson learned. It works a treat now.

Anyway - while I was reassembling it all I noticed that the clutch cable was frayed at the lever end (not at the handle bars).

Here's the question(s):

1) What length cable do I need for my stock K75s setup?

2) I'm thinking of installing barbacks - and I guess this would be the time to do so. A while back Paul Glaves or Lee or someone like that with knowledge posted a link for barbacks that worked well with the S. What was the link and what length cable would I need if I used them? Note that I could be talked out of installing barbacks fairly easily - so feel free to do that if you think II shouldn't use them.

3) If I find a set of C-bars, what length cable should I use then?

4) Moto-bins offers two types of cables - normal and feather-lite. Is there a reason why I shouldn't pay the extra $10 for the featherlite cable?

Thanks for the advice gents.