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Thread: 03 K1200GT Oil Filter Threads STRIPPED!!!

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    03 K1200GT Oil Filter Threads STRIPPED!!!

    The threads that retain my oil filter are stripped. I dropped the oil pan and it appears that the filter "sending unit" is not replaceable. Could this be true? Do I need to replace the entire lower case? Is this a big job? It does not look fun. Does anybody know an easier fix?
    I know this is a lot of questions. Thanx in advance for any advice.

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    What kind of bike to start with?
    Pictures would be very helpful also.

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    Sorry, I thought that automatically showed up in my profile. 2003 K1200GT. I attempted to change the oil and the old filter came out with difficulty. I attempted to screw the new filter on and it was pretty tight. Then, my heart dropped. It got really easy. I dropped the oil pan and it appears as if the threaded piece is part of the lower case casting. I do not have pictures at this time. I'm hoping to find somebody who has run into this before. Actually, I am hoping that somebody can confirm this, or if there is something out there to fix this without disassembling the bottom end of this motor.

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