Hey all,

So I replaced the flasher relay on my bike almost a year ago. The relay itself is a mechanical switch relay and its been working great until about a week ago. I noticed a few issues:

1. Relay is loose in the 'hella' three prong terminal
2. Entire relay/terminal assembly is also loose and is barely fitted on the screw / rubber mount assembly.

I figure its possible the amount of vibration at freeway speed + lack of secure mount for the relay and hella terminal could be contributin to the loose fitting relay as well.

Ive looked at the microfiche and have found most of the parts for the relay to mount to the headlight bucket, but the diagrams are pretty small.

Does anyone happen to have a better/clear picture on how this all is supposed to secure to the mounting plate within the headlight bucket?

Do you think it may be time to replace the hella terminal assembly?

Cheers all!