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Thread: i have the land, i have the bikes, now I want to setup a practice area- any plans?

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    Question i have the land, i have the bikes, now I want to setup a practice area- any plans?

    Hello all
    My wife and I are just getting into dual sport riding. I have a r1200GS and started riding in my teens. While my wife has a g650GS and only started 3 years ago. We both attended a BMW off road course and the recent rally in Asheville (thanks everyone down there- it was great!!).

    We live in the boonies and have 2-3 acres that I would like to turn into a practice area for turns, stops, and going over "stuff". Nothing elaborate, just someplace to practice the fundamentals. I remember some of what was in the class, but it seems like soon as I turned 50, my memory decides to take a break periodically....

    I searched online and found a lot of motocross track designs, but not interested in flying 60' through the air (no wait that sounds like fun). Does anyone have any plans/designs/a bar napkin drawing they would like to share?

    I have a backhoe and don't mind investing a little time and money to help make us better riders.

    Jim & Jill in Schaghticoke

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    How about a satellite photo?

    This is an old photo, the trails are a lot more complex now. Just get out there and do it!
    ride what you've got; enjoy the ride!

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    Just get out there and tear it up the trails will make themselves.
    The land will tell you where they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evansj2 View Post
    ...not interested in flying 60' through the air (no wait that sounds like fun).
    Driving around on a track with a GS will get boring. Add some parallel sections where you can go the easy GS way or next to it and have some jumps. Then, get a cheap beat up dirt bike. Add some ramps maybe 5 feet high that lets you jump 15 feet or so. Another section of heavy washboard wave bumps.

    I agree that jumping 60 feet isn't my style, either (or I should say landing!), but 15 feet is easy to do and builds skill that you can't get from just riding around a dirt trail on a GS.

    You will need a dirt bike for this, but again, cheap, beat up, nothing fancy. The GS is not capable of repeated jumps, it is not meant to fly gracefully through the air.

    Take an MX riding class. I just completed one. I've never been a jumper. Now, it is no big deal and the thrill of being "Evel Knievel" on a micro scale is fantastic. And again, you will build skill very quickly.

    Wezul has a good point. My buddy and I found an area with 4 foot tall weeks and schrubs. We just started riding in a figure 8 pattern and after an hour, we had beaten a path that was well on its way to becoming a trail. Use the back hoe only if needed, you shouldn't need it. Use the back hoe to make the jump sections only, or to burm a corner. If you are really only going to do tame GS riding, you don't need to do much.
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    wasn't so much a track to go round and round- but rather someplace to practice on. trying to get Jill comfortable making sharp turns- shifting her weight vs leaning, that kind of thing.

    she has learned a lot going through the limited use/logging roads but that's from the class of hard knocks (ok that's how I learned and have the scars to prove it..). But she has given me the scary smile a few times to my question "Are you OK?" Just shakes her head and smiles.. sort of looks like that clown from Steven King..

    I am pulling a few of the tree stumps/logs from the pile and will set them up to drive over. also have a pile of stones that could be of use.

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