Hey All

We in Oklahoma have been working on developing a mostley dirt route that circles the state driving through some really diverse terraine and going by some interesting places.

You can get the GPX files for free on Adventure Rider Forum...

Oklahoma Adventure Trail Link

Below is a ride report on Adventure Rider about a recent scouting trip...


A group of ADV riders got together June 14,15 and 16th to ride the eastern half of the Oklahoma Adventure Trail.

The Oklahoma Adventure Trail is an route that circles the state going though wide range of terrain on mostly dirt roads and some pavement.

Riders where:

Shawnee Bill

Riders Joined in when their schedule allowed and peeled off to head home when they had to.

First some a few comments... AWSOME, AWSOME, AWSOME....
What a great time!!!!!!!

I missed my family at home, but i could i would have taken a week off of work to finish it... Really didn't want to stop...

The biggest thing about this route is very similar to a Will Rodgers quote: "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute"... If you don't like this road ride a few more miles because the road is going to change... Red-dirt clay roads, gravel, pasture land, rough, smooth, 10 mph to 60 mph, sand, silt, rutted, washed out and darn-right nasty... I almost was going to not say at least there aren't any rock gardens like riding in Colorado... but on the last day, we hit some very technical and rugged terrain with big rocks and lots of them... always changing, keeping you on your toes!

I will post some pictures... and you will notice that all the pics show these really lovely peaceful roads... i have noticed this in ride reports... why do they always talk about how tuff the road are, but the pictures never look that bad. That because you can't stop to take a picture when you are holding on for dear life!!!!!!!!!! You can't even stop to check on the other riders, you have to just keep riding until you get to a good flat spot and hope you don't have to hike down that hill to pick up a bike... picking up the bike would be the easy part, walking down and up the hill would suck.

Here are a couple of quotes from some of the others: " i rode over roads i wouldn't walk down" and " when riding back from Alaska we came across some roads like this but we turned around because i didn't think we could cross them"
Anyway... it was a great time out cruising the boonies.....
Mark my words this will be bigger than the eastern half of the TAT someday!!!